"The creation of a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for the Aviation Industry to broker trust between stakeholders has never been more timely."


We collaborate with the aviation community to reimagine how they do business together.


We offer the world’s leading Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Platform and Apps for Aviation community stakeholders to collaborate in creating a new customer experience buttressed by increasing revenues and reduced cost of doing business.


We wish to create a successful business which will be a launch-pad of exciting new ideas which will revolutionise how the world moves people and cargo in the air.

Brendan Mc Kittrick

Co-Founder and Chairman

Brendan’s last role was global CTO/CIO of Accelya, supporting over 20 products across 350 airlines and 150 shipping companies including running $200 billion of tickets through BSP/SIS annually on behalf of IATA as the world’s largest processor of airline ticket settlements. Brendan also created a number of successful technology startups in Dublin and Ottawa in the early 2000s.

"The greatest obstacle to data sharing has been TRUST, nowhere more so than at organisational edge interfaces. I believe that the time has never been better to introduce the Blockchain paradigm of trustless networks which allow peers in the industry to trust their critical data to a community DLT supporting smart contracts, thus introducing a new vista in frictionless collaboration and unprecedented efficiencies … "

Brendan McKittrick, CEO and Co-Founder, Aeroband.

David Galea

Co-Founder and Commercial Director

David’s last role was as Head of BD and Marketing, Megabyte ltd. Specialising in and providing airline cost management and route profitability financial systems to the airline industry for over a decade. Delivering acquisition from large Airline groups to small and medium regional airlines.

"The industry has struggled to curtail the cost of running the business and a modest increase in fuel costs would wipe out the industry’s profit. Airlines are giving their focus to both cost control and revenue uplift. To succeed they need to reduce the friction on data exchange to support a more agile business and an enhanced customer experience. Blockchain does that."

David Galea, Commercial Director and Co-Founder, Aeroband.