The AeroBloc platform  operates on Aeroband’s own ID3 principle, which ensures every dApp (distributed application) which is proposed by a party, is designed and tested in collaboration among 3 peers/contemporaries from the industry, ensuring that at launch it is ‘industry ready’, and easily reusable by other platform users.

Once the Aerobloc platform is launched together with it’s proprietary Software Design Kit (SDK), all industry stakeholders can get involved in designing, testing and launching their blockchain applications, outside application interfaces and new processes, which can then be utilised by any other users on the platform as the community expands. 

Other users would not need to invest any capital on building replica solutions, but merely pay a fractional transaction fee each time they use the service of the existing apps. In this way, organisations who utilise their IT spend on adding value to the industry platform, will see a substantial ROI on their initial investment.

AEROBLOC supports Smart Contracts which enables collaboration between stakeholders without the need for trusted intermediaries.  This changes the way we think in the industry and heralds a new vista of Peer to Peer (P2P) realtime commerce.