Aerolabs manages the project delivery from the architecture design stage through development, testing and sandboxing, and finally, peer review by 3 aviation peers.

Aerolabs is the technology division where the dApps which are being created or enhanced to launch on the AeroBloc are formed. Whether an existing industry system is being altered to be able to synchronise with the Aerobloc or a brand new one is being built by us or through third parties, all will have to go through the thorough testing/quality/acceptance procedures in Aerolabs to ensure they adhere to the rules and technical requirements of the AeroBloc

Aerolabs will bring together the parties needed to bring a dapp to fruition ready to launch as an independent business on the Aerobloc and all parties who had some input of any level of involvement will be rewarded pro rata from the transaction fees once the app goes live in operation on the AeroBloc.

Aerolabs' stakeholders are at the core of operations

Aeroband Shareholders

dApp Development Specialists

Aviation Stakeholders including Airlines and Airports

Aviation Authorities

Technology companies

Service Providers

Venture Capitalists